Win Conditions!

Had an interesting conversation with a video game designer friend, Michael Marzola (CEO of Run Games), recently.  

I was getting bogged down in the minutae of my field.  You know:  Like not booking commercial work I want.  And trying to pay rent... with side jobs instead.  

He told me what that there's a thing game designers do every day-- Set up "Win Conditions".  You know, like creating a really cool jump for a character, or making a hat look awesome.  Basically- stuff you can do, that you're good at, that you can get done in a day.

A Win Condition.

(In actor-land, I've heard these called "Achievable Goals", but I think you'll agree that "Win Conditions" sounds wayyyy more badass.)

With 7 year old Netflix comedy whiz: Alana Lasry.

With 7 year old Netflix comedy whiz: Alana Lasry.

So with that in mind, and the help of Matthew Keoki Miller, Patron Sands, Colleen Irene Boag and Danny Harmeling- (the finest crew a gal could ask for), tiny little comedy genius Alana Lasry and I  made a very adorable, slightly twisted video called "ABCDeath".  

You can catch her on Netflix with Bob Odenkirk in his new show "W/Bob and David".  And you can catch the whole team, plus animator Steven Markowitz's work, in Feb 2016 on YOUTUBE!

Now there's a Win Condition for everyone!